Swim, swim, swimmity, swim

July 20, 2010

Oh Creative One! I hate getting into a pool. We’ve joined a gym because dunking my kids in the pool seems to be the only way to wear my kids out no matter what the Scottish weather brings. Yesterday I took them to the pool again and I just hate getting in. I spent 6 years teaching swimming lessons or lifeguarding and I was always wet, about to get wet, or drying off after getting wet. As a result, I don’t like that first dip. I’ve tried everything. I envision how good I feel after getting in the pool. I try to take one quick plunge. I try to slowly ease into it. It doesn’t work. I don’t like getting in. I do like playing with my kids and I do like how I feel after exercising in the pool. I like being in the pool. I am just viscerally averse to getting into the pool.

Dear Creative One! It doesn’t matter how you get into your work. I don’t care if you daydream for hours before diving in or if you just pick up and go. I only care that you get into your work and take good care of yourself while you work.


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