Padshah Nama

July 19, 2010

Oh Creative One! In London, I saw a Padshah Nama. The description was unclear. From what I understand, they are illustrated histories of Indian kings. There are at least three of these housed by Great Britain. The page I saw of one of these Padshah Namas was beautiful. Not just because of the gold guild or the filling of the page with intricate drawings. It was beautiful because it was. But, no artist or artists listed. Not even after the note that this particular Padshah Nama is considered the most beautiful example. No artist/s listed anywhere and yet there is this gorgeous, day-stopping piece of work housed under pressurized glass with armed guards in Britain. It has only been a recent development in the long history of art where we expect names of artists and craftsmen to accompany work. Think of cave drawings. Think of the Padshah Nama. Think of the gorgeous quilt or piece of pottery or turned candlestick in your local historical society. These un-named pieces hold such value.

Nameless Creative One, keep at it. Someone like me will stop in her tracks and think about you making this lovely piece in hundreds of years. I will be so thankful for your work and the wonderful places it takes me even if your name is forgotten.


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