simple part of the hum

July 9, 2010

Oh Creative One! My children and I went for a walk in the woods with stuffed animals that my Grandma had given them. We went at the time of her funeral and the walk, I’m proud to say, was my son’s idea. Animals and exploration are some of his favorite things. It was a fitting memorial, complete with a fall from a tree, a cut lip, many tears, and threats like, “If you hit your brother/sister with a stick again, we will have to go home right away.” Aside from the knowledge that I was not at Grandma’s funeral, it was a walk like all the others I’ve taken with the kids. It is what she did best. My Grandmother was great at just doing every day life.

Patient Creative One! Thanks very much for letting me ruminate on my Grandma. I appreciate your company. Normally memorials are large creative acts. Statues, black walls with names cutting into the earth, trees planted, benches placed with plaques. Consider the strength in the small memorial acts too. Hold the act of choosing a blue that looks like your loved one’s eyes in that space of thanks and respect. Memorials can be a simple part of the hum of your work and everyday life.


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