honor and thanks

July 5, 2010

Oh Creative One! My grandma died this past Saturday.There is much of my vocabulary that originates from my time with her and my extended family on her farm as a child. When I say or write words like – peony, cow, barn, christmas, winter, summer, afternoon – you and I know the dictionary definitions that we share. But I also carry the knowledge of how time passes stomping through a forbidden ditch behind her house overgrown with whistling pines as my uncle’s blue healer trails behind me when I say, “afternoon.”

Sad Creative One. Think of a loved one in your life. Think of how a word or a scene carries a meaning unique to you and your time with that loved one. Start there. Paint, write, sculpt, knit. Do whatever it is that you do and work from that space. Beginning at a place of honor and thanks is always beautiful.


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