Oh Creative One! My son had a meltdown over honey and cereal this morning. Wanted honey. Wanted cereal. I said, after the 4th serving mind you, No. Kitchen is closed for at least one hour. Tears. Wailing. Moaning. The large world had dumped upon his young self. I said, Hey, it will be okay. It’s time for some fun together. Tears, wailing, and moaning ceased. We played in the sand that is really now dirt and moss in our backyard.

Fretful Creative One! Worry not, it really will all turn out okay. Maybe not what you had imagined, but you’ll end up on the other side. In the meantime, let’s have some fun together.



July 28, 2010

Oh Creative One! Yesterday I spent the morning at the doctor’s checking out the little thumper growing inside me. Posting just didn’t happen. Today, I am starving. I love eating good food and the thumper does not like much except plain, plain, plain food. Maddening. I could eat half a field of stir-fried bok choi with garlic and sesame and all I can eat is a saltine. My favorite cook is Alton Brown because he dives into the science behind the art of cooking. WHY is a turkey juicy after steeping in a salt bath for 24 hours? How does sugar caramelize? What does this information give us to create good, good food?

Hungry Creative One. In honor of my hungry self and in honor of my favorite cook, I want you to consider the science behind your art today. Consider that you might have been bad in science in high school because it was boring. Be open to the science behind your art and allow yourself to become intrigued. If you are a writer, consider the scientific research behind what words strike emotions of fear, happiness, anger, and bliss in us and why. If you are a painter, how does the paint dry? Why? What is the difference between synthetic and organic pigments? A sculptor – read into the science behind glazes and temperatures and clay. You are bright and you will discover a depth to your tool of choice that well serve you in the future.


July 26, 2010

Oh Creative One! I heard Maya Angelou on the Iconoclasts television program this weekend. She feels that courage is the most important virtue because it is the virtue required to practice all other virtues consistently.

Courageous Creative One, this week I will don my sparkly fairy wings and wand and grant you courage. Courage to set limits with friends and family, “I’ve got some painting/sculpting/knitting/writing/whatever to do before bed. Can we chat about this tomorrow?” Courage to dive into that bit of work that nags at you and isn’t quite right. Courage to practice your art every day this week, no matter how tired and worn the day has made you -even if only for 10 minutes. Courage to express that oh-so-wonderfully-different way you see the world.

how to start today

July 23, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’ve been thinking a lot about my friends these past few days. Neil, my 6ft. 6inch former-Hawaiian-commune-living friend gave my son the best bit of advice when my son was angry with my daughter. Neil said, “Start with love. Say to your sister, I love that you want to play with me, but you just can’t take toys from me.”

Lovely Creative One! I’m grinning ear to ear thinking about you starting with love first. Start whatever creative bit you do today with love. Even if it is only creating 5 minutes to take in the world about you, just start with love.


July 22, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’m honored to call Cristin a friend of mine! She made a blanket for my daughter’s first birthday. A picnic blanket. I requested another one for our move to Scotland and she complied. She’s a wonderful artist. This morning, the kids and I wrapped up in these blankets and cuddled and inspiration hit me for a scene in my book. Delicious!

Talented Creative One. A sculture, a poem, a painting, whatever. Once received, it will give. You have made it, but it will make more in others. It will inspire thoughts, make a cold morning warm, bring people together. Your audience helps your work do its job.


July 21, 2010

Oh Creative One! I am surprised at how much I learn from my kids. My daughter, 3, still has her toddler tummy and that soft squidgey weight that makes being little so huggable. Her hair is always a mess, no matter my efforts. She is also at the age where she is perpetually distracted. For example, Me: “G, let’s get your underwear on.” G: “Okay! Look at my horse!” And off she gallops, naked, wild-haired, on her stick horse. Then she bumped into her brother, took part in a car race that led her to building a fairy crown that looks like an unwieldy set of stairs out legos.

Huggable Creative One! So much of our life requires focus. Get out the door, get to work, get groceries, organize doctor appointments, pay bills. Let yourself get distracted today. You will find your creativity just waiting for you to climb on and ride! There might even be a crown for your efforts at the end of today’s journey…

Oh Creative One! I hate getting into a pool. We’ve joined a gym because dunking my kids in the pool seems to be the only way to wear my kids out no matter what the Scottish weather brings. Yesterday I took them to the pool again and I just hate getting in. I spent 6 years teaching swimming lessons or lifeguarding and I was always wet, about to get wet, or drying off after getting wet. As a result, I don’t like that first dip. I’ve tried everything. I envision how good I feel after getting in the pool. I try to take one quick plunge. I try to slowly ease into it. It doesn’t work. I don’t like getting in. I do like playing with my kids and I do like how I feel after exercising in the pool. I like being in the pool. I am just viscerally averse to getting into the pool.

Dear Creative One! It doesn’t matter how you get into your work. I don’t care if you daydream for hours before diving in or if you just pick up and go. I only care that you get into your work and take good care of yourself while you work.

Padshah Nama

July 19, 2010

Oh Creative One! In London, I saw a Padshah Nama. The description was unclear. From what I understand, they are illustrated histories of Indian kings. There are at least three of these housed by Great Britain. The page I saw of one of these Padshah Namas was beautiful. Not just because of the gold guild or the filling of the page with intricate drawings. It was beautiful because it was. But, no artist or artists listed. Not even after the note that this particular Padshah Nama is considered the most beautiful example. No artist/s listed anywhere and yet there is this gorgeous, day-stopping piece of work housed under pressurized glass with armed guards in Britain. It has only been a recent development in the long history of art where we expect names of artists and craftsmen to accompany work. Think of cave drawings. Think of the Padshah Nama. Think of the gorgeous quilt or piece of pottery or turned candlestick in your local historical society. These un-named pieces hold such value.

Nameless Creative One, keep at it. Someone like me will stop in her tracks and think about you making this lovely piece in hundreds of years. I will be so thankful for your work and the wonderful places it takes me even if your name is forgotten.

off to london

July 15, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’m off to London for some fun with my family. Will post again on Monday!

too happy to whisper

July 14, 2010

Oh Creative One! My son came home yesterday from a playdate. His anaphylaxis to all milk and egg products in any amount make playdates hard. It is hard to find a mum that isn’t too nervous about taking charge of him for a few hours and it is hard to let go and trust someone else – even though we have never had a problem at a playdate. When he came home, I wanted to know what had happened. What did he play? Who did he see at the park? He was reluctant. I asked him to whisper it to me, like a secret. He started to say that they had made a dinosaur bed in the forest and then he plugged my ears with his index fingers and said in a loud stage whisper, “I can’t tell secrets! I’m too happy!” Then he proceeded to tackle his sister and tell me all about his afternoon.

Secretive Creative One! Find your happy spot and go from there. No secrets necessary. I’m all ears and thrilled you’re having a good time.