My strawberry bed is a rectangle bound by cement

June 29, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’ve taken a hiatus for a number of private reasons. When I’ve thought of posting again, I’ve been terrified. “It’s got to be GREAT and FLASHY and WONDERFUL.” But that’s not what this blog is about. So first, the unflashy story. Today, in the garden of my 5th rental in 18 months, I was pulling out weeds to give the anemic strawberries some room and sun and love. the previous renters plopped some in the ground and left them to the snails. I was surprised to see how much dirt the plants carried with them as they grew outside the very defined boundaries of this decidedly proper British flowerbed. The strawberries easily grew six inches out from their stifling limits somehow pulling all the dirt they needed to live that far from their intended home…

Missed Creative One! Now for the whisper to your creative self – I don’t believe you need time or money or giant wonderful anything to be an artist. I believe that one must start by whispering encouragement to the creative seedlings one has. I know that with a little room and a little love, they will grow beyond any bounds and restrictions put upon them.


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