This stinks.

May 19, 2010

Oh, Creative One! We are gearing up for a 5th move in 18 months. The economy in Scotland has proved to be difficult for even the sort-of-well-off. Each house we’ve rented, the owners have found it financially impossible to rent and either sold it out from under us or claimed the property back. I’m at a loss. We just wanted a home while we were here for my husband’s 3 year contract. This moor-ish adventure stinks. The only thing that doesn’t stink is the friend that I’ve made here who doesn’t ask me to find a silver lining. I’m a grown-up. I can find silver linings every where. What I need is someone to sit with me and just let this stink.

Friendly Creative One. This posting is just for you. Often, if you invite someone to consider a piece you are working on, you get help. You get likes, dislikes, things you should’ve done, things you should do. Bah. Not from me. Imagine me there, just behind you. Imagine me being very thankful that you’ve included me in your process. I bring no opinions, only a rich vocabulary intent on describing your unique vocal tone, your deep character, your thoughtful use of aubergine. I will even just sit there and trust your creative company when your piece stinks.


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