so? she likes bluebells…

May 11, 2010

Oh, Creative One! My daughter made us run late to everything this morning! Everything! Work, school, lunch, a playdate…everything. Why? Because she has as her prime directive to pluck every flower she sees. She must also keep all of the flowers she plucks. Next to me lies a pile of grimy, wilted flowers that’s been growing since 7am. When my daughter handed me a mushed bluebell, I tried to put it in a vase. She screamed. I demonstrated. She threw herself on the floor and kicked. I asked, “Well, what should I do with it?” She said, “Just hold it. You just like it, Mama.”

Beautiful Creative One! Perhaps the purpose of your current work is not to make our souls quake. Perhaps its main purpose is simply to be liked? And, if it were liked only by you and your adoration slowed everyone else down and made everyone around you a bit frustrated, would that be so bad?


One Response to “so? she likes bluebells…”

  1. Jenny said

    Sometimes children show us how to just “be” in the moment. The plucked flower’s life span is limited, but the immediate joy of “gifting” it is not. Sometimes as busy and worried parents we need a minor break in the stress of the day and to lay our worries down if only for a few moments to just “be”. Children are good at that.

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