with a rebel hum…

May 10, 2010

Oh Creative One! Today I had to take my two-year-old on a slew of errands in downtown Glasgow. There were big buildings and big people doing big things very fast. My daughter tripped along beside me, wiggled a bright pink pipe cleaner that she called her “snake,” and sang made up songs that made these big people in big buildings doing big things stop. They stopped and said things like, “What a sweet song!” or, “Turning out to be a nice day, aye.”

Rebellious Creative One! I was once taught that artists are rebels. The more important the work, the more rebellious the artist. But, lately, I think it is the art that shoves itself into our day in whatever small way it can that is the most rebellious. How daring to sing a small out of tune song against the grey rush of the day… Rebel, dear creative one, rebel even in the smallest of ways today.


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