make that 13 moves in 12 years

April 16, 2010

Oh Creative One! Yesterday I had thought I turned a corner. I bought a large wide flower pot made from a recycled truck tire and filled it with sand for the kids. I began to organize the space where I use my letterpress. I thought, okay, I can make this leaking, smelling, electrically dangerous place with a heater that doesn’t work my home. I could make it home for just a while and then we received notice of non-renewal. We’ve nowhere to live after June 18 in a foreign country that has officially taken every ounce of energy I had with little in return. It will be our 5th house in 18th months due to the financial hubris of the Scots.

Lost Creative One, there is a graceful way through the sadness and frustration. You came here to try something different and no one said it wasn’t going to be trying. While the world is organizing itself to care for you, do the following: Dance with your kids to their favorite Phoenix songs before breakfast, watch the sun rise over the tired city in the distance, imagine the life you will lead in 10 years. The creative don’t need to create every day.


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