April 15, 2010

Oh Creative One! Last night I was surrounded. I was cornered by an ill-behaved anaphylactic son, a grumpy daughter, a crappy rental we can’t get out of, rejection letters, stories that fell flat, no family and few friends in a new town, an unexpectedly tight budget in a foreign country, an extended family that can’t visit me, no work for me that would even cover the cost of a sitter… Dammit. This list goes on and is boring. But, last night while surrounded by macadam and worries at my husband’s office parking lot, my son and I found a red-throated British bird. We stood there in the crisp spring evening. We watched it sing its beautiful and varied song as it sat in a secure crook of a budding tree branch.

Tired Creative One. Take a deep breath. Keep your heart open even when your work has you in an uncomfortable spot. Listen. Pay attention to the details. Soon you’ll find a surprise that makes your heart sing.


2 Responses to “tweet”

  1. Saara said

    I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been through a rough path. (I can not beleive anyone would send a rejection letter to you of all people. What were they thinking?)

    And I’m so glad you have the ability to choose to listen. I realize there is a real person behind these beautiful blog posts, and that there is a choise: do I choose to listen today, or not — and, I realize it can’t always be an easy choise to make. I’m so glad you chose to listen, even today, when the world around you was uglier and noisier than usual.

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