hamburger hamburger

April 14, 2010

Oh, Creative One! I’ve had the most rotten week. Rotten. I got a bit of a breather and went downtown all by myself today. I saw a hamburger phone at Urban Outfitter’s. It made me smile. It’s a phone! It’s a plastic hamburger! It’s an odd thing! So multifunctional! It reminded me of the scene in the movie, Juno, where she calls the pregnancy advice center on her hamburger phone. What a well-placed prop that said a lot without being anything but a whimsical item.

Quirky Creative One, think of the unassuming bits that might find a home in your piece. A note? A color? An object? A word? A gesture? Is there a thing that could do a lot of work for you without being much at all? Call me on a hamburger phone if you’d like suggestions…


3 Responses to “hamburger hamburger”

  1. Arlene said

    I loved Juno and I like the sound of the burger phone, how do you know it’s a hamburger and not a turkey burger dude..? Did you buy it?

    A x

  2. Totally could’ve been a turkey burger…gobble gobble

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