Take a bigger bite…

April 13, 2010

Oh Creative One! I cringed this morning – not because my daughter made moves to bite my son after his snatching her favorite airplane from her soft and fat toddler palm. I cringed because he asked if she was a “bad girl.” He is searching for order that is beyond a time line. He is searching for order in people and words. He is having a hard time understanding that biting siblings is bad, but being angry beyond words at a snatching sibling is a good and healthy thing for a learning girl to feel.

Perplexed Creative One, where are your judgments? Are you laying flat and thoughtless terms on your work? Another’s? Take a moment to describe your judgment further. Use more than a dismissive word like “bad” or “good” to consider what you judge. You will find a beautiful place to grow.


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