April 8, 2010

Oh Creative One! Here is a list of some of the things I do: I cook, wash, clean, do yoga, walk 2-4 miles a day, read, care for my children, teach my children, grocery shop, manage money, and write. I do not call myself a cook, a cleaner, an athlete, an academic, a childcare worker, a teacher, an assistant, or a banker. Yet, all of these things are valuable and important to my well-being. Somewhere along the way, I picked up the notion that if someone else did not value my writing – either by deeming it publish-worthy or by calling me something along the lines of “THE SUPREME WRITER OF EARTH” that what I wrote was not of value. Yet, it is in the list of all the activities that are of value to my well-being.

Thoughtful Creative One, shake off the need for value from outside sources. Your work is yours alone and imperative to your well-being. If you really must know if someone is truly happy that you’re working on your art, please know that I am so glad you’re here!


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