stars and spoons

April 6, 2010

Oh Creative One! My children collect my things. This morning, in the “meerkat sleeping chamber” that they made out of blankets and chairs and beds, I found the following: My watch, my toothbrush, a missing sock, my favorite pillow, a scarf, a pile of utensils, one of my favorite pens, my bicycle helmet, an old wallet of mine, and a packet of sweet pea seeds I had bought for our garden.

Collecting Creative One, “Whatever shines should be observed,” according to 19th-century astronomer William Herschel. I think my children would agree. Collect all the things you find interesting in your work. Keep them safe. Sit and enjoy them for exactly what they are. They will help make your creative house a home and you might even discover a brand new star or a missing spoon in the process.


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