little drummer boy

March 25, 2010

Oh Creative One! When Alicia Keys sings, I am a sucker. I think, “Yes! I am from New York!” even though I’m from Minnesota. I think, “Yes! I can do anything!” though at my age “anything” comes with a novel’s length of footnotes.  I believe I am on the verge of something more exciting than brushing my teeth and checking on the kids before bedtime. But, the most interesting person to watch during her televised concert was the drummer. He was a cool cat and kept everyone in line and was in it for the music and the music alone. He does not have fame. The crowds don’t cheer for him. He was just there for the music and probably a bit of a paycheck…

Heart-thumping Creative One, I only care that you do what you love when you can.

Also, an apology. I noticed a few typos in yesterday’s submission. I can only claim to have been writing whilst chasing the wee-un during lunch. I never claimed to be an infallible multi-tasker.


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