Rain, rain come and stay…

March 24, 2010

Oh Creative One! My daughter ate lunch at what was originally an annoyingly slow pace. At first, I wanted her to finish! Quickly! I cut off large bites for her. I urged her onwards. I nearly pulled out my hair trying when she only ate small bites, slowly, commenting on all the little details. Then, I remembered I had to waste 90 minutes before my son’s performance at school. I realized that we had nothing to do except stay warm and dry and watch the rain. We had a lovely time together. She nibbled through her lunch while workmen unloaded a lorrie of wood, the mailman delivered letters and bills and the rain made rivulets and puddles in the mud just outside our window.

Slow Creative One, resist the urge to create at the speed of the internet, your television, the speed dial on your phone. Take your time. Enjoy working slowly on the small bits and the details, especially if they give you pleasure. This time is yours alone.


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