March 22, 2010

Oh Creative One! I went to a snoozie little party this weekend. The food was good and I really like the hostess. There were a few interesting people, but I was cornered into supporting conversation with a woman whose guffaw consisted of a grim smile and another American transplanted in Glasgow who talked and talked and talked. They made jokes about people who “lived in Spam Valley” – where I live unbeknownst to them. They shook their bracelets and drank their wine and made mental notes as to who lived where and wore what and sent her kids to what school. It was fine, but I was never asked about myself. I decided not to correct the talker when she said, “When should we get together? Nevermind, you don’t work, you’re flexible. I ‘ll call when I can.” I decided to be the first one to leave.

Sleepy Creative One. You know that I’ve been bolstering your reserve, telling you to take risks for your art. Yet, I want to remind you that it’s okay to hold back from people that talk too much or can’t break a smile in the name of meeting someone new. There’s no need to shock the natives from their tired little competitions. You’ve got sleep to catch up on and creations to make.


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