…but never reject the wind.

March 17, 2010

Oh Creative One! I turned down a paying project today. I know! Gasp! I was the rejector! I never knew that an artist could say “No.” It turns out, that even though both parties wanted to work together, this project was just not right. It didn’t make me happy to do the work and when I’ve got so many other things that I must do, I must only take on artistic work I want to do. I said No as soon as I knew it was the wrong project to take on and everyone was fine. No blood was shed. No feelings were hurt. No lightening bolt from a mythical source struck my artistic self useless. It was after all, a simple “No.”

Self-aware Creative One. You’ve responsibilities that are outside of your artistic work. There are kids or dogs or people that you must feed or walk or clothe or greet. You’ve got bills you must pay and probably must pay with work that pays more than your art and that work probably doesn’t make you super happy. And, don’t forget your laundry. You can only get by with dirty laundry for so long. Trust yourself. Your art is, in the end, only for you. A well-timed no leaves moments in your day when all you’ve got to do is listen to the wind and reply.


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