Splish Splash

March 15, 2010

Oh, Creative One! I’ve been thinking a lot about risk-taking. My daughter is fearless. She is two and hangs onto my husband’s shoulders while he swims to the bottom of the pool where she grabs sunken treasure off the bottom before he swims back to the surface. My son is more hesitant. He is eccentric, but must size up a situation before committing. He is five and does not want to swim to the bottom of the pool. Instead, our applause for him is when he swims to the side unaided with a splash as big as a whale’s. Whose risk is greater? More important? The answer is neither because each child is taking the risk most needed on his and her individual journey.

Splashie Creative One! Don’t stand on the side of the pool and wish for a life that isn’t your own. Get wet and take the risks appropriate for you. I will applaud all of your efforts that are free from judging your journey.


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