To be liked by strangers…

March 8, 2010

Creative One! Tra-la-loo! I’m having a pleasant day! I’ve just received a request from someone to make custom cards with some trademark quirky wording from my brain on my little old letterpress. It’s great to have people other than friends and family like the putterings of my head.

Bright Creative One! It’s fun to have your creations liked by a stranger. However it looks to “put your stuff out there,” I want you to try that sometime this week and see where it takes you. It could be even letting the secret out amongst your day-job coworkers, “I write stories.” Or, telling a new acquaintance, “I’m a painter,” by way of introduction, or send your photograph into the newspaper. The goal is not to CHANGE THE WORLD. The goal is to shift your world, just a bit. Let me know what you find.


2 Responses to “To be liked by strangers…”

  1. Cristin said

    I had already committed to attending an event tonight to sew hats for chemo patients when I read this entry. I’m now thinking of it as “putting my stuff out there.” I don’t often share the PROCESS of sewing, that is usually done all by myself, so to put my process out there to be seen by others feels risky.

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