Down the Drain

March 4, 2010

Oh Creative One! There is a difference between feeling drained and feeling tired. After a day of going to the park, wiping noses, drying tears, applying band-aids, feeding, hugging, kissing, and expending all sorts of energy with my kids, I feel tired. A night of rest usually gets me ready for the next day. After an hour of watching my kids whine and moan and flop on the floor, I am drained. I want to go to my room, but only to shut the door and have some quiet. I usually need to do something different to turn the moan-fest around or our day will be ugly for everyone.

Exhausted Creative One. You’ve got many projects thumping about. Some actually taking physical shape in front of you and some just stumbling about your brain. Pick one to work on. Afterward, if you feel tired, then that’s where your energy should go. Take a nap  and get back at it! If you feel drained, unloved, grumpy, leave it alone. It’s just not ready to play with you.


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