Don’t take out the garbage.

March 3, 2010

Oh Creative One! When I was getting my MFA in Creative Writing, I would sit with my peers once a week and we would critique each others’ writing. Sigh. It was depressing. There seemed to be a need in such groups to make each others’ work tidy. Sadly, I admit that I have succumbed to such group-think. The moments or words or paragraphs that did not fit the young work was banished, “I’d maybe cut this part?” Questioned, “I’m not sure why the character says this.” Subjected to matters of personal taste, “I just am not sure about it. I don’t like something about it.”

Quirky Creative One, I offer a different way of looking at these bits that stick out. Perhaps, they aren’t to be smoothed over, primped and plucked? Perhaps, these are the bits to salvage and build the very thing you’ve seen in your dreams.


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