Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

March 2, 2010

Oh Creative One! I went to write today’s post and found yesterday’s unpublished. Bah! My deepest apologies. Please know that I am technologically odd. Not afraid of numbers, but a bit slow with hitting the right buttons. So you get two today!

Creative One. It’s not that I am anti-dictionary. I am a great lover of words. It is more that some of the accepted definitions are of little use to me as an artist. Take for example, the word “artist.” It is used with the exclusion of scientists and janitors. If one does her job well, there can be art in it, a creation of something special in a moment of time.

Working Creative One. This note is a call to artists of all kinds and a reminder that you are an artist at the same time that you are a parent, a co-worker, a sweeper of dust, a filer of papers, a finder of secrets lost in numbers and figures…


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