February 26, 2010

Oh Creative One! My son finds maths difficult just now. He wants stories and words and adventures and if we do homework and I ask, “4 + 2?” He replies, “I’m hungry,” or “First tell me about pterodactyls,” or “Is it bath time?” So, I now tell a story. “Four of your friends are pretending to be diplodocus and two more of your friends want to play with you. How many children will be playing?” After a few qualifications, “The two friends will be Emma and Conner. And, Emma wants to be a parasopholus who is lonely. Conner wants to be a t-rex….” this goes over better. We get to the answer, I get an insight as to who matters to him, and we have the best time doing maths in a jurassic landscape.

Distractible Creative One. You have a weakness. You and I both know that there is a weakness in your creativity. But let’s get over equating “weakness” as a bad thing. I think if you try to work with your weakness, you might find your work goes somewhere very interesting. See you Monday.


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