Off Topic

February 19, 2010

Oh Creative One! I had a story about synesthesia. It is a condition where one’s body melds the senses. Colors have texture, sounds have smells, words have temperature and color. But today, after my two-year-old daughter told a tall tale, I changed my mind. Today, after her tall story, my husband asked her “Do you like exaggeration?” As a two-year-old would do, she asked, “Why?” She asked, “What zagagation?”

Brilliant Creative One! There is one thing missing when you look at a painting, or listen to a story, listen to music you are not performing. As the consumer you are not DOING the ACT. Be kind to those who appreciate your work. Find that bit of exaggeration that helps them feel the way you do when you create. Beautiful, strong, other-wordly…


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