Belly Button

February 16, 2010

Oh Creative One! Apparently, most belly buttons do not have nerves. In fact, medical professionals are taught, “Belly buttons do not have nerves.” Mine does. No one believed me. Ultrasound exams when heavily pregnant were uncomfortable and no one listened when I said, “Stop! My belly buttons has nerves!” No one believed me until I was in labor with my daughter and the nurse had a nerve-y belly button too. She put monitors and blankets in the right place and never touched my uncomfortably nerve-y belly button. What a difference it makes to have someone listen to me.

Attentive Creative One, listen to your work. Each piece is wired a bit differently. Each has secrets unique to its creation. You can discover them and keep them in your pocket as your own or pass them on to dear friends. But first, you must listen.


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