Oh, Baby!

February 8, 2010

Oh Creative One! I held a baby 4 days old. They are rare creatures, little ones this tiny. Most of the world is so large compared to this baby. People are large and lumbering. Clothes are large and dangle off feet and hands. Even diapers look like oversized pieces of toast. Little S still had not unfolded from the shape he took in his mother’s womb. Despite being so little and without a marker of “artist” or “scientist” or “athlete,” he was gathering all that he needed to create who he will be tomorrow. Just enough and no more before he slept.

Dear Creative One! Remember the long journey it takes for your work to become. You spend hours looking at the light in a tree’s branches, or eavesdropping on conversations or letting your mind drift and bump into whatever mental flotsam floats about your head. Take what you can, no more than you need, and then rest. All will be put to good use later.


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