…afraid of commitment.

February 5, 2010

Oh Creative One! My son went to a birthday party with 11 other 6 year olds yesterday. They went tubing down a fake snow slope for an hour, but weren’t exhausted enough for a quiet dinner together. Instead the “hurrah” game started. The kids said things like, “If you like pizza, say Hurrah!” My son chimed in, “If you like ornitholestes, say hurrah!” No one knew that dinosaur name. No one said, “Hurrah!” So he tried again, “If you love your mother, say hurrah!” No one chimed in with him as they seem to be embarking on the age when parents are a drag. I was worried that he was sticking out and was uncomfortable. I hung back and watched. Instead of a self-conscious geek, I found a young boy very committed to who he is and all that he loves. He ate his low-allergen food and chatted with his friends entirely non-plussed.

Unique Creative One! You are here because you see the world just that bit differently than the rest. You know things most do not stop to find out. How can you commit yourself entirely even within the noisy bits of life?


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