February 4, 2010

Oh Creative One! Last night my children were fighting over a toy as they should be at this age. Last night, I also had to instruct my children as to the contract they enter into when playing together. It goes something like this, “When we play together we need to listen to each other and figure out with words who gets to play with each toy.” Then my daughter said, “No spitting.” My son said, “No doing like this (imagine cheeky monkey dance.” Then my son and daughter interjected in a difficult to document manner all of the little itty bitty things I’ve asked them not to do in the past culminating with giving each other raspberry kisses on their tummies and cheeks and hands. Clearly, I am not always in control.

Dear Creative One! What unspoken contract have you entered upon with your art? Has it changed since your last agreement oh-so-long-ago? Is it time to make a new agreement and seal it with a kiss?


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