February 3, 2010

Oh Creative One! My son was never a “biter.” In fact, he only bit twice. The first, while 18 months old and trying to nibble his friend’s feet the way I nibbled his feet. The second time, while wearing a shark costume and committing fully to character when he was 2 years and 3 months. He left a bruised welt on his sobbing and terrified gal pal’s shoulder. I’m so thankful that her mother was a knowledgeable sort and didn’t ban my son from play. However, we finally had to donate the shark costume as his commitment to character was just too swift and reliable once donned, even that tender age.

Intrepid Creative One! There is a fine balance to be found in committing to your work and the subsequent detriment to others. But, I know you are not two years old and I know you are most likely not in a shark costume. Therefore, it is safe to commit to your work, wholly and unabashedly. Even if your life only allows for five minutes today, find that five minutes and sink your teeth in… I doubt you’ll draw blood and I will be so proud of your ingenious take on the world. Go on, take a bite.


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