!Ayuda me!

February 1, 2010

Oh Creative One! I had a friend in high school who would loan me money, whenever I would ask. I always forgot my lunch and I always asked for a dollar here and there. I also always forgot to pay her back. I must owe her about a hundred dollars by now not including interest. I’ve felt terrible for years and it has come thru in my inability to ask and receive help. I don’t know when I need help and I don’t want to owe anyone and forget and I don’t want to be in debt. But, my mother-in-law came to visit me this week to help. I explained my history with this friend from oh-so-long-ago. She told me to get over it and let her play with her grandkids.  I’ve been able to finish a parts of a project that have been nagging at me. It’s been heaven.

Kind Creative One! This week, forgive yourself of your past. Recognize that you have grown, that you have taken the lessons and learned, that you are a stronger creator than you once were. You will be amazed at the way time blossoms in front of you.


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