January 29, 2010

Oh Creative One! They are celebrating Robert Burns Day today at his Scots primary school. A sea of kilt clad wee-uns met us at the ground’s gates. It was such fun! But, before the fun, my son had a tantrum, one in which he was sure that the world was imploding, his toys were self-combusting,and his life was to be in RUINS FOREVER. All because he couldn’t find and then couldn’t reach the red kilt we bought at a tourist shop last year. In the midst of this searching-for-the-kilt tantrum, we found the following: his missing school uniform tie, clean underwear, dirty underwear, a birthday card from his buddy, a beloved car, Gordon the stuffed dog, and a tidy bedroom floor.

Lovely Creative One! A bit of uncomfortable self-made chaos doesn’t mean that the world is out to get you. My advice to you is the same as it is to my son. Take a deep breath.  Be amazed and thankful for what you do find in the swirling mist. Wear what you find, if it’s acceptably clean. Have fun. See you Monday…


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