January 27, 2010

Oh Creative One! It is a traditionally rainy day in Glasgow. The Scots word for this weather is “dreich.” A little rain, a little wind, low clouds, a chill you might not be able to remedy with a sweater. On the way to my son’s school, my 2 y.o. daughter dropped her stuffed dog, Gordon, in the puddle. She also slipped in the mud despite holding my hand and then wailed when she fell a second time and then she decided to enjoy the mud with loads of splashing and then a tantrum because her pants and shoes and socks were unbearably wet and dirty. A 5 minute walk took 20 minutes and we were late. Though I became grumpy with the persistent and interrupting tantrums, my daughter learned so very much. Gravity can be a drag, mud is dirty, puddles are fun, wet is not always fun.

Sweet Creative One! Roll up your sleeves, cuff your pants, go play in the mud. Pay no mind to the grumpy impatient ones that surround you. Keep what you learn somewhere safe for later use.


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