January 26, 2010

Oh Creative One! I am in pain. I had reconstructive jaw surgery when I was younger due to a bike accident that shattered many of the bones in my face. Now I’ve got my first bout of sinusitis in addition to all those pins drilled into my face-bones and I must offer an apology to all those I secretly blew off when they said, “My sinuses are bothering me.” I thought they were talking about party-colored-snot-type-colds. Not pain that makes tooth yanking without medication seem like a fun time. If you think I exaggerate, I don’t. But that’s the point isn’t it?Pain is an odd feeling. We can feel happiness together, laughing at a stand-up comic. We can feel sadness together, watching the events in Haiti unfold. We can feel anger and frustration together, discussing an ex’s passive-aggressive treatment of the kids. But we can’t feel pain together. You can’t feel my sinusitis. You might remember your sinusitis. But you can’t feel it with me. We can feel a hug together when you offer your sympathy, but we can’t feel each other’s pain.

Empathetic Creative One! One of the reasons I appreciate your creativity is because you see things just a bit differently than most. Use this extra-ordinary ability of yours to feel someone else’s pain. Don’t worry, you won’t be subsumed, but you will find that fodder you’ve misplaced.


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