January 25, 2010

Oh Creative One! This morning my son woke me up whispering, “Mom, I can do the triple-whip. I’ve been practicing in my sleep.” He grinned and patted my head. He waited patiently for me to catch up to the wonders he’d accomplished in his slumber. He’s not one to brag and I rarely know what he’s talking about so I rubbed my eyes, yawned, and said. “Show me.” Sure enough, he can spin 3 times on the ball of his foot. His pals will be impressed.

Oh Whirling Dervish! Your task to today is a three-step process. 1) Wake someone up to the joy you find in your talent. 2) Wait patiently for them to understand the importance of said skill. 3) Proceed to do your spin of wonder with your chosen medium. People will be so thankful you shared after they eat a little something.


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