…more than you think.

January 22, 2010

Oh Creative One! “She’s not going to eat her baby. She’s just carrying the baby away to a safe dark den. She doesn’t have thumbs. That’s why she uses her mouth.” I’ve neither explained to my son about opposing thumbs nor have I told him how gentle such sharp teeth can be. Yet, this is what my 5 y.o. told to my terrified 2 y.o. while watching a BBC documentary on leopards. They then proceeded to attempt to lick each other like they are leopards cleaning each other’s fur and mewing like baby leopards and then somehow our cuddle-fest turned in to a wrestle-fest and it was difficult to put them down to bed.

Smart Creative One! I’m guessing your piece has a logic and knowledge of which you aren’t cognizant. Much like my son, your piece has figured out the use of its metaphorical thumbs and how to compensate when only large, padded paws are available. Be open to the intelligence created within your piece. You will find comfort and wonders there.


One Response to “…more than you think.”

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