Give Thanks to The Bones

January 21, 2010

Oh Creative One! I went to “Accident and Emergency” here in Glasgow due to the broken littlest toe on my left foot. My husbandlovertype will be leaving for 10 days. I know lots of people who like me and my kids, but I don’t know them like family. I don’t know them enough to help out with non-emergency type injuries. I thought it best to check it out before hubbylovertype left, though I knew A&E would most likely just tape my toe and kick me out the door. Andrew was my Nurse Practioner and he was patient and kind and thorough. We talked about how fast these littles change as his own daughter is 24 with a babe on the way. He knew my toe hurt and that it’s hard to care for others when I hurt, even if it’s just my tiniest toe. I asked him to get his supervisor, he called me daft. I then made him get his supervisor and then I told her how patient and thorough he was even with a little toe and he blushed and his coworkers teased him. I limped out of A&E feeling complete and ready to work.

Patient Creative One! Praise is a wonderful gift, especially when called out unexpectedly for more than one to see. Your task today is to speak highly of someone unexpectedly in his/her presence – to someone else who matters. Tell another mother that her child is imaginative with that child hugging her knees. Tell your barista’s boss what a yummy coffee you received. Tell the sales person’s manager that your day is better for the attention you got while shopping for jeans that don’t make your bum look bummy. Your heart will sing and your work will hum.


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