Mash Up

January 20, 2010

Oh Creative One! My daughter donned a light-up red-flashing reindeer nose, black fuzzy kitty-cat ears, her brother’s soccer jersey, and floral pink leggings and no underwear. She carried a plastic squirting lizard and a forgotten Christmas bell. She danced barefoot on the couch, shaking the bell and the lizard in time with her personal version of “Old MacDonald” and “Jingle Bells,” last night, the 19th of January. It was funny and beautiful to watch. Sublime, might deny the wonderful tackiness of it all, but the parts definitely made more than I would think when put together.

Dignified Creative One! Cast off your finery! Find your flashing reindeer nose! Wear all that makes you happy! Move your body the way you like! Sing all the songs you enjoy all at once! Make music with forgotten objects! Find out what you can make when it all comes together. Don’t worry! No one will be watching and I promise the outcome will be interesting if not sublime.


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