January 19, 2010

Oh Creative One! I broke my toe this morning. My daughter had a chocolate cookie at a new friend’s newly built new home. The home is so new she said, “Just follow the pretty flags to my house.” My son has a life-threatening allergy to all form of milk in any amount. This new friend offered some chocolate covered cookie that are taboo within the confines of our home. My daughter ate these melty cookies with her grubby, droolie, snot-covered hands and leaped from my lap to wash her hands before I could assist. She is a toddler and tipsily toddled on over and so I had to leap from my chair and cracked my little toe on a suddenly imposing wall corner shouting, “Let me help you!” The new friend in her newly built new house laughed. “Oh, a little bit of chocolate on the wall. We could’ve figured that out without breaking your toe. I’m glad you’re here.”

Delectable Creative One! Please know that I don’t want you worrying about what others think of your work. It’s really just silly, especially if it the work is new and merely toddling about your creative house. I’m just so very glad you’re here. We’ll tidy up and worry about the rest later. Trust me.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Just letting you know I’m here, loving every word. It’s obvious you’ve been there yourself.

    I would buy your book on creativity, if you ever wrote one. Maybe you already did. (Did you?)

    • Lovely You! Thanks very much for your needed note. I want to write to you about all that I appreciate in your own work posted online, but worry that it would be too intrusive. Really you just need to know that I appreciate so very much that you are painting and that you see things that others do not. Thank you for keeping me company while I write my daily pep-talk to my creative self! Jenna

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