The Pipe and Drum

January 18, 2010

Oh Creative One! The rare sun rained down on Glasgow this weekend and I took a walk. There were 3 teenagers in the shopping district in kilts playing a pipe and drums. They whooped when the music reached a certain fevered pitch. They did not seem to care if they had a single person listening to them. They did not care if the crowd was small and curious or large and feverish. They just loved to play and to play together. They had a lovely afternoon doing what they loved and I had a lovely afternoon watching them as I went about my errands.

Beloved Creative One. The teenagers above were not worried about unmade beds, fights with parents, or homework. They struck out and did what they loved. Today’s reminder is to do what you love. It is that piece that keeps whispering to you as you tuck your children in, as you unpack your groceries, as you talk with a co-worker about a disagreement. It is that idea that you’d like to try even if no one paid you for it or was on the other side to say, “Well Done! Here is your golden star!”


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