January 15, 2010

Oh Creative One! One of the creative things I like to do is use a tabletop letterpress and make cards that you won’t find at Hallmark. If you’re curious, it’s at letterpressrebel.etsy.com. If you’re not, know that the wee bits of type and inanimate objects necessary for letterpress do have reproductive capabilities. I went to Ikea to look for storage yesterday for these reproducing bits and became sad. We’ve moved a lot and the storage I want would hinder another move. Which, we will do because of the nature of my loverhubbytype’s job. I get lost easily. I don’t know where “home” is. My husband says its right where he is. Often, I leave these conversations feeling even worse. Of course home is where the heart is, but my heart is also creative and I do need a space for my other loves and to keep my kids from choking on wee bits or poisonous what-whats.

Kind Creative One! I’m leaving you this weekend with an invitation to make a home for your work. If you’ve got a studio, clean out the stuff of your other life that has crept in. Clean the windows, invite the dustbunnies to leave. If it’s just a laptop, clear your desktop or make a folder for your pieces. If it’s a camera bag, take out the spare diaper or binkies or receipts from the lunch you ate when the light was questionable. If it’s only a spot in your mind, tend to it this weekend. You’re creative, you know what I’m asking you to do. I’d love some company while I do it too.


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