January 14, 2010

Oh Creative One, it was that part of the night just before the sun comes up. I was 19, the moon was out, it was a late in the winter. I was cold, but not chilled and walking home from a long chat with a friend now long gone. I was going down Bascom Hill in Madison, Wisconsin. The hill has night lights that shine the same tone as the moon when it’s misty. A man was ahead and thought he was alone. He stopped and watched his breath rush from him and rise into the cold. He took a few steps and stopped again and sung a note and watched his breath rise again. He stopped and sung the same note and watched his breath rise all the way down the hill. I wondered how I could meet him and fall and love and get lost with him.

Lovely Creative One! I’m so thankful you’re here! Today’s invitation is to find that one note in your work. That beautiful, lovely, note that you like just because you do. Play with it, enjoy it, watch it rise into the air.


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