SJP Wears A Lot of Make-up

January 12, 2010

Oh Creative One! We moved to Glasgow, Scotland last year from Seattle, Washington. The UK has tabloids unlike anything I’ve seen in the States. I like to read the fluff a bit before I go to bed. If you’re a featured superstar, worry not. I don’t take anything as truth, but I do like to know what you’re wearing when you’re on the red carpet. Plus, it helps with my insomnia. Imagining myself in a ball gown is so much more sleep-inducing than letting my mind spin off to dark and lonely corners at 3 am. Last night, I was looking at a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker on a red carpet and she looked great! Great gown, great hair, great shoes. But then, I looked closer. She was wearing loads of make-up and it cracked where her chin met her cheek and the corner of her mouth. I could see her large pores, zits, wrinkles. This bit of struggle visible under the pretty lie of make-up calmed me. Somehow these flaws made the picture more beautiful. I slept well.

Beautiful Creative One! Here is your task today: Look for the flaws. If you can’t find any, try looking just underneath pretty little lies. Discover, clean-off, and enjoy. I guarantee the flaws will stunning.


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