A Giftie For You

January 11, 2010

Oh Creative One! My son turns 5 this Saturday and people keep asking me, “What would he like?” I have such a hard time answering. I don’t like plastic toys, but to say that might be rude. I don’t want another “thing” to pack when we move, but to say that sounds more rude than to say “I don’t like plastic toys.” Plus my kids need nothing except money in their college fund, again, quite rude to say. Really, what he wants is to play, play, play. He wants to go to your house and play. He wants to drift off into another world of his making with your child. He wants to daydream the stuff of childhood.

Sweet Creative One, here is your gift: permission to daydream for as long as you can today. If you’d like to create something with that daydream, well, that is your choice. The gift is just simply to let your eyes soften, your face settle into a worry-less pose, and your mind drift where it may.


2 Responses to “A Giftie For You”

  1. Hello, Creative One yourself!
    My heart stopped (in a positive way) when I had read two and a half blog posts. Everything you write is so true and so … well, wise, and goes straight to my heart. Thank you!
    I’m going to subscribe.

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