Something Quirky This Way Comes

January 6, 2010

Something Quirky This Way Comes

Oh Creative One! My son, “and old 4” as he says to his mostly 5-year-old classmates, is pictured here ready for the snow. He wore his swim goggles as part of his outerwear when the cold snap first hit Glasgow. Every walk in the woods, every jaunt to the grocery store… If he had to wear his hat, then surely he must wear his goggles too. Then, he ran into a few friends and they did not wear goggles, so he started to put them in his pocket. His delightfully odd take on the cold and snow hidden away for just those of us in the know.

Lovely Creative One! I’m sure the reason most in your life adore you is because you too are secretly and delightfully odd. You have hidden your goggled self just to get by at work or even wake up in the mornings sometimes. Today, your task is this: Find your metaphorical goggles, don them. Wear them with pride for just an hour or so. Then, tell me what happened. I promise not to tell a soul and to congratulate your delightfully odd self on a job well done.


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