Stick Out Your Tongue

January 5, 2010

Oh Creative One! My two-year-old daughter sizes up a person quickly. If you are a person she likes, it’s all fun and games. If you aren’t, she sticks out her tongue at you and moves on. You are left in the dust trying to win her over which is a fruitless effort. But, you don’t know that, yet, because you’ve hardly met her. Though I am teaching her not to stick out her tongue, I am also amazed. How neat to have a world view where she doesn’t need anyone. She has everything and everyone she wants. There is no need for future worries. No fear of burned bridges.

Sweet Creative One, your task is to embody a worldview similar to my daughter’s. What if your work didn’t need to kiss up to anyone? What would happen to your work if you weren’t afraid of crossing or burning bridges?


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