Pheasant’s Run

January 4, 2010

Oh Creative One! Yesterday morning, in the rare snow falling on Glasgow, we took a walk thru Mugdock Park. Flakes 2 inches wide fell from the heavens onto the moor. My toddler climbed up the stairs to Pheasant’s Run holding my husband’s hand. She twisted and slipped from his wrist on the ice. In her toddler speak, she said, “Can’t do it. Can’t do it.” All the while, my husband said, “It’s alright. It’s very slippery here isn’t it? We got up this stair. Just a few more to go.” When she reached the top, she ran down the path shouting, “Good Job Daddy! You did it! You did it!” My son stood her under the snow-weighted branches bowing low over the path. He shook the snow free and it fell onto her in tumbling clumps. She giggled all the while. I didn’t have a camera. It was too cold and wet to bring out my journal. If I had a way to film it, I think I might’ve lost too much of the wilderness or my children. It is the largeness of the moment with my young children I’d like to capture.

Dear Creative One, what are you in danger of losing? How do you capture it? Is it best to let your memory sift thru the bits for you?


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